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Feedback from our participants is very clear in pointing out the values associated with our training and coaching programs - in terms of professional and personal development and success. Below you find a selction of qoutes. For further information, please contact us at

Sales Performance 


ROI of more than 400%Selling effectively to key decision makers

“Selling to a C-level executive was always a complicated task. He has so many issues on his agenda that I was not even aware of. Getting the insight and understanding of the different C-level issues has made it possible for me to nuance my sales approach and target my sales messages. And it works! I can really say that attending the coaching program has made me understand the buying/selling process. I got a holistic view on CxO challenges, key drivers, value potential and the way they interlink. I really feel that I now have the keys to establishing CxO business relationships, and can exploit the various CxO sales approaches. All of this will help me to sell against my competitors, in that I can add real business value to the sale and better handle general CxO objections as well as price objections. This was the best training/coaching I have ever received.”Jos Knops, Channel Sales Manager, The Netherlands


Identifying the buyer’s personality type and adapting my selling style

“Selling is so much a psychological game. I’ve always known that but not quite known how to deal with it besides trying to be a nice guy. This coaching process gave me some very useful tools to identify the buyer’s personality type and adapt my selling style accordingly. It has definitely improved my ability of selling. The value to me as a person was very high as well – for example it helped me improve my Emotional Intelligence.”

Mohamed Abdallah, Sales Manager, Egypt


Getting in contact with the CxO/Executive

“Being senior in sales, I know quite well that interacting with a CxO can be of vital importance for my success in sales. This coaching program has provided me with tremendous value - for personal development in terms of insight and areas of improvement to work on - as well as business wise in terms of skills growth. The value to me was extremely high. ”

Paul Hirsch, Business Development Executive, Communications Sector, Germany


Understanding executives’ business needs

“When I think of the excellent Training and Coaching Program, our entire Partner/Channel Management has been through, the following phrase comes to mind - if you do what you always did, then you get what you always got”. It is this inability or unwillingness to really look for ways, solutions or ideas that are outside the comfort zone that can limit the chances of creating a solution that really helps your Partners as well as your own Team move forward. I have now attended many different Rosen Team courses/modules and have to say that the personal value and growth is tremendous, it challenges and questions ones approach in trying to develop and improve professional and personal skills. I find the programs to be refreshing and really stimulating to my professional as well as personal development”

Marc Bleiker, Business Development Manager – Partner/Channel Management, Switzerland


Prospecting training and coaching - Composing a winning value statement

“There is no doubt that with a focus on value instead of features and functionalities I’m now much more successful in getting attention the right places, both on how to get by the gatekeeper (e.g. assistant or secretary), get an appointment with the Executive Board (CEO, CFO, COO), the Line of Business (CMO, CHRO) or the Subject Matter Experts (IT-expert, data manager, technology or IT responsible). Building value based selling and emotional intelligence into my prospecting has definitely turned my approach up-side-down – and my sales results up.”

Sally Phillips, Client Manager, UK


It changed my prospecting approach

"Since I came back from the course I have had wonderful meetings with clients - especially executive meetings. My insurance customer presentation went so well. Before the meeting I convinced everybody to talk through the key topics – exactly as I wished ( using the new communication approach !!!). It went so well!!! On that day all 25 people were there but the CEO was missing and now we will redo the meeting only for him. Yesterday, I participated in a presentation to another of my customers. It was about software (internet portal). The presentation was prepared by our software experts for a CEO but it was so horrible. I helped the team by using my new approach. That saved the meeting and made it a big success. Today I made a new call, where I took my manager with me to the meeting and it really went so well. It was a winback customer and now they want to work with us - after having rejected us since ages - and we have already organised the next meeting.


I felt that I should write to you about my feelings. Now I feel much more comfortable and confident when I do customer calls. I just wanted to let you know....thanks again...this was the best course I have ever attended!!!!"

Suat Basturk, Client Representative, Turkey


Using emotional intelligence in prospecting

“Working with my emotional intelligence in relation to prospecting has given me a profound understanding of my own approach and how I interact with other people. Truly understanding the customer’s values and what motivates him to buy has become a fascinating exercise for me and it literally pays off when I manage to successfully integrate this when talking with a customer. I have attended different Rosen Team courses and have to say that the personal value and growth is tremendous, it challenges and questions ones approach in trying to develop and improve my personal skills. I find the courses to be provocative and refreshing – really stimulating my personal development”

Kamel Kramer, Client Manager, UK


Sales impact 

“Now, being able to identify companies’ business issues, I quite easily address relevant issues at all levels of the organization – talking to those who influence the buying process, communicating value to those who make the final decision. I’m stunned by the impact this has had on my sales and the impact the personal development plan had on me as a person.”

Mohamed El Sherbini, Business Development Executive, Egypt


Value Based Selling - More sophisticated methods for approaching the customers

"After attending different Rosen Team training programs, I have to say that besides that they are fun, motivating and mind expanding, the personal inspiration and value is really tremendous. Attending the different programs boosted my sales and my relationship with the clients. I was somewhat stuck with only one type of sales approach. What I did not know, was that it inhibited my communication with the clients. Mastering new sophisticated value based methods of approaching a company and a CXO has definitely influenced my success remarkably.”

Nadine Wolanke, Software Sales Representative, Germany


Composing a winning value proposition

“Adding the right ingredients when cooking a meal is a precondition for having satisfied guests. Being able to compose a winning value proposition also demands you to add a bit of this and some of that in a very “tasteful” way. Attending this course gave me some good instructions on how to mix the ingredients – and on top it added some exotic spices to make it different from all the other well composed meals that my customers are offered.”

Sergey Fadin, Client Executive, Russia


Selling value based 

“Even though I was already aware of addressing business needs I now realize that I was merely trying to convince the buyers that what I was offering was what they needed. This coaching process turned my perception up side down and the changes that this brought about have had a positive effect on my sales results. This course has given me some valuable tools to keep the communication on the value track.” 

Gregor Klaus, Business Development Executive, Germany


Techniques for controlling the sales process

“We all like to believe that our actions are rational and goal-oriented. And they are – partly. But we are also driven by psychological needs of which we are largely unaware. This coaching course has given me some very good techniques for controlling the sales process. Understanding that all human behaviour is a blend of the rational and the irrational – the conscious and the unconscious.


I now understand that tailoring my value based communication to the needs and wants of the customer is much easier than I thought and I now work more effectively and with a shorter sales cycle. The value to me as a person was also extremely high, as it challenged me to work on my emotional intelligence, body language, communication structure, and conflict/negotiation capabilities.”

Jesus Corrales Villarejo, Client Representative, Spain


Partner and channel Manager, training and coachingTurned me and my entire Partner/Channel network into action mode

“Just thought I 'd let you both know that I have been using the skills that I acquired during the Partner Manager certification and coaching program and am seeing a distinct difference in the way my VARs, SIs and ISVs are responding to me. It has in turn helped me drive more revenue with them. Having said that there is still a lot more I can do and there is always room for improvement.


The greatest compliment was hosting the top Manager in our company here in South Africa and he visited some of the ISVs Partners with me & the feedback from him was extremely positive - he has seen a significant growth/development in me, with my dealings with the Partners and my confidence has improved drastically. Some of this growth has to be attributed directly to your partner certification and coaching program.... Thank you for pushing me, it has helped me better understand and exploit my potential. I'm happy that you have challenged me - and have demanded through this coaching process more of me, than I thought I could have done, in order to help me and bring my career to a new level. This all has truly turned me (and my entire Partner/Channel network) into action mode – because I have become conscious about how much I can gain as well as they have realized what they can gain. So again thank you."

Merle Pillay, Territory Partner Manager, South Africa 

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Leadership Performance 


Real Team motivation

I have a big software team – and with our aggressive revenue goals I decide to get support from RosenTeam to raise the performance of my managers and my sales team. Just as an Olympic athlete works with a coach to win the gold medal. I used the RosenTeam coaches to enable me, my managers and my team. They inspired, motivated, and challenged my team - demanding more from them, to help them master different sales disciplines from prospecting, value based selling to selling to CXOs. The results and changes in attitudes and growth have been great. RosenTeam is now so close to us that they even participate and facilitate events with us – even our kick off meetings.

Wofgang Hahl, Software Group, Director, Germany


Become a skillful Mentor and Coach

Usual leadership skills and methodology training is great, but unfortunately much of the investment in such seminars is lost due to the one-shot nature of the training. Therefore I really appreciate the combination of classroom training and individual coaching<s>’</s>. Your coaching program increased my performance noticeable – and furthermore helped me to turn into a skillful Mentor and Coach who not only lead people but also make them self-contained and accountable. I rate this program as an A+. I was impressed with the facilitators and the content…it was absolutely worth my time and that is not a compliment I usually give out.

Walter Carmignani, Infrastructure Solutions Executive, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa


Become a skillful Mentor and Coach

My work with RosenTeam allows me to push myself past any pre-set boundaries or limitations. I have worked as a Territory Manager for about 25 years and have attended many courses during these years, yet the RosenTeam coaching approach I participated in, was really mind expanding. The coaches were quick to assess my given situation and help me define and build a desirable outcome. All this in a very challenging and entertainment way. Their program helped me to strengthen not only my personal skills, but also my professional, as an understanding Mentor and Coach furthermore it helped me to improve the overall performance of my whole area of responsibility.

Westreicher Heinz Switzerland - Territory Manager


Living my full potential

I already knew that great leaders who make it to the top have great mentors who help them get there. But I had not expected output like this. This was the most stimulating course I've participated in during my whole career. It made me reassess my emotional intelligence and gave me the keys to unlock my own potential as well the potential of my team. Being coached by one of RosenTeams leadership coaches is the best way to explore your potential and reach your goals. Many courses tell you how to work better, this one tells us why as well! That  truly turned me (and all the others who participated) into action mode – because I became conscious about how much I will gain from doing so. I can only say that If someone wants to make a difference in the market, investing in one of RosenTeam’s coaching programs is one of the best investments you can make. This was the most worthwhile program I have attended.

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Behr, Sales Executive, Germany 


Emotionale Intelligence in Leadership

Many Managers know that certain things they should do in a better way, but too often they don’t know how - or do not get it done in reality. Working with a RosenTeam coach has taught me skills I use in all facets of life: from improving my performance over reaching my goals to better interacting with my colleagues, friends and family. My private as well as my business life is much fuller and productive now that I for example use my Emotional Intelligence in the work with people. I am now absolutely convinced that peak performing managers or executives can be made and they can be modeled.

Amr Amer United Arab Emirates - Country Manager


Advanced Leadership Coaching

Working with RosenTeam has really helped me to move ahead with my professional life. I now feel more confident in my own professional abilities of handling and tackling a group of managers and team members. I am a Coach myself and am therefore positive surprised of the depth and motivation this coaching sessions have given me. Among the taught I can point some of the things I really liked:

• The discussions about how to improve the way other people perceive myself – what a mind expanding and eye opening experience (for the entire group)

• Deep psychological principals of how to better manage my thoughts, emotions, and behavior

• The sessions on how to influence and motivate people to follow my visions and tactics

• Persuade others to support my way of thinking – value based communication

• In the personal coaching sessions, I furthermore enjoyed the one to one coaching I received on how to strengthen my leader attitude and competencies


I can only recommend the Rosen Team coaching and training sessions, as I believe that everybody should get to know your “hidden” potential - not yet exploited – and be pushed out of your comfort zone – to help you reach more of your goals.

Kern-Wendler Margot Switzerland - Leadership/ Country Manager


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Personal Development 


I have taken advantage of Emotional Intelligence in my Personal Development

“Working with my emotional intelligence has given me a deep understanding of my own approach and how I interact with other people. It has helped me use emotional intelligence for better self-awareness and self-management as well as see how emotions are caused. I can know read and understand other people better, as I can better identify other people’s emotions - and understand their feelings and the reasons behind. It has improved my empathy which has made me a better listener who is aware of what the feelings behind are. In my professional work it has helped me understand others values and what motivates them. To practice this, has become a fascinating exercise for me and it literally pays off when I manage to successfully integrate this when speaking or negotiating with a customer. I have over the last couple of years attended several different Rosen Team courses and coaching programs. Each time I have had the same experience: I improve my professional and personal competencies and I grow as a person. I can certainly recommend their training and coaching programs to everybody who wants to embark on a stimulating personal development journey.”

Alberto Anibarro, Business Development Executive, Germany


Transforming my way of thinking

“I have over the years attended various Rosen Team training and coaching programs from sales to personal development topics and have to say that the personal value and growth is tremendous. Never in 20 years have I attended a program like this. What I have learned has completely transformed my way of thinking and interacting with people. The personal coaching has not only helped me to discover and appreciate the unique gifts, talents and abilities I have, but also how to use my powers better. Rosenteams creative ability to place a mirror in front of my beliefs and way of thinking has taught me how to place myself in other people's shoes. Understanding their behavior, their needs and wants, helps me increase my personal productivity as well as my overall performance. Whether working with fellow employees or customers, understanding the situation before drawing a conclusion is now easy. I learned and grew more in a few sessions with Rosenteam than I ever did in other education I attended. I recommend their programs to everyone as I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonderful awakening RosenTeam helped me to achieve. Personal coaching was truly a life changing experience for me and one I will continue to benefit and grow from.”

Isabel Schnoor, Client Representative, Media & Entertainment Industry, Germany


Personal value and growth

“Like several other people, I too attended different Rosen Team programs and I too can say that they are great! The coaches are provocative, motivating, truly humorous, really refreshing and in every way stimulating. The personal coaching sessions with RosenTeam have been extremely helpful in understanding my personal strengths. Our one-on-one meetings have created an environment to share information and receive feedback that has been instrumental in my personal development and growth. My time on this program has helped me identify more of my personal goals and has improved the overall effectiveness of my communication on a personal and business level. Today I understand my own personality and behavioural profile better – after having received advice and coaching that has pushed me out of my comfort zone - and helping me grow beyond where I was”

Kamel Kramer, Business Partner Manager, UK 

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