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(3 one-day modules + coaching)

Leadership Excellence

Emotional Intelligence in your Leadership


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Advanced Leadership Coaching Program


Increase your team's performance - turn into a skillful Mentor and Coach


Learn how to exploit mentoring and coaching in your leadership.

From training and coaching more than 10.000 people in over 45 countries, we have learned that being successful or being a peak performer can be learned. We know that many organizations have a small number of peak performers carrying the main responsibility for revenue targets for the entire team or company. Peak performers can be made and replicated. Their skills, attitudes, and habits can, by mentoring and coaching be taken to new heights.


If you want to make a difference in your team, investing in your mentoring and coaching skills will be one of the best investments you can make. Our team of highly skilled trainers and coaches delivers pragmatic, provocative and valuable training programs - helping the participating manager or executive introduce and develop a mentoring and coaching culture in your team. A culture that will help to get people to perform at their best, improve individuals - goal setting and planning abilities, reduce stress levels, etc. At the same time it will demonstrate commitment to them as individuals and their development, professionally and personally, which will fundamentally increase their motivation, loyalty, and productivity. This is reflected in a recent study by the International Coach Federation. The report documents improvements for those who received professional mentoring and coaching from their managers:


  • Increased self awareness 68%
  • Enhanced communication skills 40%
  • More balanced work life 61%
  • Lower stress levels 57%
  • Enhanced self discovery 53%
  • Increased confidence 52%
  • Improved quality 43%
  • Better goal setting 62%

All in all mentoring and coaching from the leader is reported to produce more than a 500% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business as well. Some of the intangible benefits reported have been greater ownership and responsibility, improved skills or behavior, increased satisfaction and motivation of employees, more productive use of time, fewer destructive conflicts, and easier conflict resolution. Together with measured financial benefits from employee retention the impact of coaching has made the overall return on investment reach almost 800%.

The main learning points will deal with how to:


  • Become a valuable mentor or coach.
  • Incorporate coaching into your leadership style.
  • Acknowledge and motivate people.
  • Intensify commitment to personal and professional goals.
  • Create clear goals and a plan for achieving them.
  • Accomplish team goals through coaching.
  • Conduct better performance reviews.
  • Enhance your conflict management skills.
  • Exploit effective listening skills.
  • Ask powerful questions.
  • Cope with road blocks and other challenges.

This program is unique with its blend of group and personal coaching covered in 3 one day modules, with 3-5 weeks in between. It will give time for individual performance coaching via phone and mail, helping you to turn new knowledge into competencies. As part of this program you will also get help to develop an action plan for how to implement coaching and mentoring in your organization. Participants of this program will be able to immediately use coaching skills to conduct more effective performance reviews, empower employees to make better decisions, and create a culture of accountability. This offers you an exceptional leadership development path and important growth opportunities.

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