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Advanced Leadership Coaching Programs


The Advanced Leadership coaching program is a unique offer to managers and executives who face so many different challenges - implementing strategic initiatives, strengthening relationships with key constituencies and stakeholders, meeting the demands of dynamic and changing markets, while still delivering ever higher results.


This coaching program for leaders is the most comprehensive coaching program available in the area of leadership performance. It will further develop your known leadership strengths – even the unknown ones - identify your weaknesses, and help you grow as a person as well as a leader. You’ll:


  • get to know your own personality and leadership profil better and get advice and coaching, be pushed and challenged to demand more from you, with the intention to help you grow beyond where you are today.
  • learn how to fine-tune your leadership skills to improve your interaction with different personality types - and practice the new skills to better absorb what you learn.
  • do intensive exercises throughout the 5 modules to create and reinforce excellent leadership behavior and personal growth patterns - creating a repeatable model for consistent peak performance.
  • get to know your

Agenda and main learning points - in brief:

  • Improve the way other people perceive you
  • Better manage your thoughts, emotions, and behavior
  • More successfully build relationships with other people
  • Strengthen your leader attitude and competencies
  • Influence and motivate people to follow your visions and tactics
  • Stimulate cooperation across the organization
  • Influence others in a constructive way
  • Maintain your self-control even when under pressure
  • Effectively deal with difficult individuals
  • Persuade others to support your way of thinking
  • Rise from 'management' to 'leadership'

  • Shape and deliver a presentation for an executive audience
  • Read and manage body language
  • Develop flexibility in your communication style
  • Exploit emotional intelligence in your communication
  • Communicate more effectively through active listening
  • Control your 'hot buttons' so that you respond instead of react
  • Handle conflicts in a calm and constructive way
  • Deal forcefully but diplomatically with difficult people
  • Maintain your self-control when criticized
  • Sell yourself and your ideas
  • Persuade others to support your point of view
  • Give constructive feedback

Individual coaching session (face to face and/or over phone)

Each participant will get advice and coaching addressing those areas of leadership they decide to focus on. Based on the before mentioned profiles you will make up a plan for how to improve your leadership performance.


Coaching session focus areas most often chosen:


  • Communicating with team members and executives.
  • Practice body language.
  • Persuasion techniques.
  • Practice emotional intelligence.

  • Build a strong and highly effective team.
  • Create common ground and team spirit.
  • Align performance goals with your team strategy.
  • Inspire and motivate a team of people.
  • Use delegation and empowerment to raise motivation.
  • Generate confidence and trust.
  • Develop and motivate a collective team spirit and at the same time endorse individualism.
  • Take advantage of emotional intelligence in your leadership.
  • Exploit coaching and mentoring.

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