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B2B Sales

The B2B Sales Group deals with all the different aspects of sales, from prospecting, selling to CxOs, emotional intelligence in sales, sales psychology as well as value based selling . Everybody who works within B2B sales is welcome to discuss experiences in our forums. The exchange of experiences, best practices and ideas allows us all to gain knowledge and improve our sales performance. This group is made up of sales people, sales managers, sales Directors, company directors and sales consultants.

Personal Development

The Personal Development Group will help you set - your potential free - and release the power you carry within you and thereby enrich your life. The goal is to help you achieve inner balance and peace while being able to manifest outstanding effectiveness and performance. The blog, the forum discussions as well as the meetings and possible courses we offer will help you learn to live more consciously and to solve the deep problems you've not yet been able to solve. We will try to put everyday practical discussions on living up to your potential. All to cope with change and uncertainty, increase your opportunities for personal and professional success, improve your ability to connect and create strong relationships, achieve your goals, find your peak performance, being able to plan and use your time better and more wisely, master self-discipline, overcoming procrastination, lay down some habits while building others, being better to organize, solve problems, understand the decision making process and thereby make better decisions. All of these are just some topics you will discover here to be able to motivate yourself to achieve new levels of personal development, supported by professional trainers and coaches.




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